You may have researched Pyrroles before and come up with information commonly called “Pyrrole Disorder”.  I want to start by being  clear that I don’t consider this a “disorder” per se, and that a Pyrrole test is more a BIOMARKER of oxidative stress rather than confirming or denying any mental health condition.  However it is a valid and important test, and may be “one” of the contributing factors that are causing some of your signs / symptoms, but in itself cannot be relied on to be “the answer” to all your woes.

Just as when you are inflamed your inflammatory markers will increase, so too will your Pyrrole marker increase if you are missing or needing particular nutrients to help your body deal with oxidative stress and other metabolic processes.  There is a direct correlation between high oxidative stress and the severity (and number) of symptoms that someone can be suffering.  Oxidative stress occurs when your toxic load becomes greater than your body’s ability to get rid of free radicals / toxins.

So what exactly are Pyrroles?  
Excess pyrroles are caused by the overproduction of hydroxyhempyrolin (HPL) which can then interfere with the production of Haeme.  The HPL binds zinc and B6 preventing their use by the body and causing excretion in the urine.  This means that your requirement for getting these nutrients via the diet or supplements has increased.     These nutrients are essential as co-factors for various metabolic pathways – such as making Thyroxine (thyroid hormone), neurotransmitters such as Serotonin, GABA and Dopamine, for red blood cell synthesis, for the immune system, for hormone production ….  there are so many pathways that it is impossible to list them all.  Stress of any kind will increases production of pyrroles/HPL which in turn decreases zinc and Vitamin B6 – and then symptoms can occur.

I’ve listed some common “symptoms” of Pyrroluria  below – enough to make you feel overwhelmed with how many there are, but it can also be reassuring to find that one of the answers may be a biochemical one.

Signs / symptoms:
Individuals may exhibit a wide range of physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms; some common ones are:

Of course, Vitamin B6 and Zinc can be crucial as part of a treatment plan if high Pyrroles are tested.  It’s important to understand when treating any disorder holistically, we are looking for the root cause – that is, the underlying factors that are contributing to oxidative stress or inflammation.  This could be poor diet, exposure to toxins, genetic issues, poor gut function, hormonal imbalance etc.  This is why some people may not get the results they are after just because they started on a high dose Vitamin B6 and Zinc regime after getting a positive test.  A holistic perspective is essential.

For years I have used Applied Analytical Laboratories that specialise in this test.  Morning urine is best (from the second or third void of your bladder).   Don’t bring your urine sample in – I will arrange testing for you and discuss this with you in clinic (you can do a sample whilst you are here).  Supplementation of Vitamin B6 prior will not interfere with the results, but it would be advisable to stop all supplements containing Vitamin B6 and Zinc a few days prior to doing the test.

If you are interested in doing the test, please email me at and we can arrange to get you tested.


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