Your Naturopathic Consultations

Cassi is available for consults at The Medical Sanctuary, 150 Ashmore Road, Benowa on the following days:

•   Monday, 10am-5pm
•   Wednesday, 10am-4pm
•   Thursday, 9am-4pm
•   Alternative Saturdays, 9am-1pm


Initial Naturopathic Consultation:
$130 Adults (60 minutes), $95 Children (11 and under, 45 minutes)

During your initial naturopathic consultation, Cassi will discuss your health goals, your medical history, including relevant family history, general lifestyle issues as well as your current diet.  Many questions will be asked (don’t be shy) on various body systems to help put together the pieces of your health picture.

If you have any recent blood or pathology tests, bring them along as well as Cassi is adept at reviewing pathology and integrating it with your symptom picture to see what potential underlying causes are contributing to your health imbalance.  If needs be, additional pathology tests such as bloods, pyrrole testing or salivary hormones may be requested depending upon your condition.  The need for this will be assessed in your initial consult.

As part of the consultation, an individual health care plan will be developed to help you achieve your health goals.  This may include dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medicines and/or nutritional supplements.  Cassi always ensures you have a thorough understanding of how to implement the advice given.

Physical Examinations may also include, but not limited to:

•   Tongue analysis
•   Nail analysis
•   Iris Analysis
•   Blood Pressure

Initial Naturopathic Consultation with Live Blood Screening:
$180 Adults (90 minutes), $130 Children (11 and under, 60 minutes)

This consult is the same as an initial with the extra addition of a Live Blood Screening. This uses a small pin prick of blood that Cassi examines under a high powered dark-field microscope, and will project the image onto a screen to discuss with you.  You’ll be amazed what your blood looks like!

Looking at your blood (red and white blood cells and platelets) can give Cassi information on oxidative stress, inflammation, possible nutritional deficiencies and other factors that may be contributing to your signs / symptoms.

Please note that this information is subjective, and Cassi is unable to diagnose any specific condition, or “measure” factors such as your hormones, your iron levels etc from your blood sample.  It is important to not have anti-inflammatories or alcohol the night before as this may skew your results.  It also helps for you to have eaten beforehand to assist with information on digestive function.    Images will be captured and saved to your file for review.

Acute Consultation:
$70 (30 minutes)
A “mini” 30 minute consult available for children and adults with acute illnesses such as cold and flu, digestive upsets (eg diarrhoea), Urinary Tract Infections or other acute complaints.  Acute conditions are those that suddenly occur with a rapid onset, or may have only been going on for a few weeks.  This type of consult is not suited to chronic conditions that have been going on for months or years.

It would not involve as much case taking or examinations as an initial hour consult, but Cassi will focus on what is the main issues presenting and the underlying factors contributing, do relevant investigations, and will develop a treatment plan based on herbs, nutrients and/or diet advice to treat it, as well as make any necessary referrals.

Follow-up Naturopathic Consultation:
95 Adults (45 minutes) / $70 Children (11 and under, 30 minutes)
Follow-up consultations may be needed to monitor your wellness progress and reassess your needs.  Depending on the condition being treated, follow-ups may start at being fornightly, then monthly, six-weekly and so on.  Cassi will determine what is needed based on your progress.  These appointments are 45 minutes for adults, 30 minutes for children and include reviews and ongoing health assessments and possible changes to your health care plan as required.

Bio Impedance Test:
$0 if included in your Initial Consult, $70 (15 – 30 minutes) without a consult
A cellular health assessment (also known as Bio Impedance test) may be done depending upon your health condition, and is valuable if weight loss is your goal.  This non-invasive test measures your fat to muscle ratio, hydration levels, Body Mass Index, cellular toxicity levels and gives a biological age.   Our biological age is very important, as it tells us what age our cells really are.  For example, your birth age may be 42, but due to inflammation, toxicity, chronic conditions etc, your biological age may be 65!   By working on yourself, changing negative lifestyle patterns, reducing inflammation, losing weight etc you can turn that age around and actually be  younger than your birth age.  If you want this done in your initial consult, please advise Cassi at the beginning of the consult.

Once you have made your appointment …

After making an appointment with the friendly receptionist, you will be sent forms to fill in before you come (either by post or email).  Please bring these with you to the appointment already completed (or allow an extra 20 minutes to complete them at the clinic prior to your appointment.  You may also want to bring:

  • Any blood tests or medical test results that you have had done in the past six months.
  • Any medicines or supplements (vitamins or minerals) you are currently taking.
  • Keep a food diary for about a week before you come, detailing a list of everything you eat, as well as any symptoms you are experiencing, eg headaches, bloating, wind etc.
  • I am going to ask you lots of questions!!  Don’t be embarrassed!  From your bowel habits to sexual drive to sleep … it is all relevant.

Health Fund Rebates

Cassi is registered with all Australian private health funds which may provide rebates for Naturopathic appointments for patients. This will depend on your level of cover. Please call your health fund for information.


 If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, book a consult today and take that first step towards getting back on the path to wellness – you deserve it !!

For further enquiries, contact The Medical Sanctuary on (07) 5564 5013 or email Cassi at



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